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Our herd consists of approximately 30 mature and yearling purebred and percentage breeding does.   

Most of these does have been selected and bred up from the strongest genetics of our own foundation stock.  

Does Presently at Staveley Farms

stav 505c

Staveley Tomorrow's Dream Evaluated VG89 CR32202


Staveley Dream Girl Evaluated Excellent X3 GR25746

stav 513C a

Staveley Teacher's Pet Evaluated Excellent GR32203

stav 715E one

Staveley All About The Base TR34058

Stav 622D

Du Biquet Staveley Parfait TR33396

Boer goat

Staveley She's Got The Look TR34736

stav 722E

Staveley Right on Target TR34233


Staveley Seen It All Evalauted VG89 TR33397


Staveley Magic Beans CR34232

stav 911

Staveley Good Golly Miss Molly TR35836

Stav 510C side

Staveley Pepper Corn Evaluated VG89 R32204

Boer doeling stav 818F C

Staveley Pepper's Mint R35554

Staveley G Buzzin' Like A Bee

Staveley G Buzzin' Like A Bee TR35837

stav 515C front

Staveley Gorgeous Greta Evaluated VG87 TR32526


Staveley Citadelle CR34443

Boer goat doe

Staveley Miss Perfect TR35043


Du Biquet Pasteque Evaluated Excellent TR29897

Bumble bee front

Staveley Bumble Bee Evaluated VG85 TR32909

Boer Goat TR33399

Staveley Symphonie Evaluated VG89 TR33399

stav 616D side

Staveley Busy Being Fabulous Evaluated VG87 TR33398

stav 735E

Staveley Easy Upgrade TR34737

stav 816F front view

Staveley Drama Queen CR35368

Boer doe TR35366

Staveley Gotta Lotta Zing TR35366

stav 909G

Staveley Geez Louise ! R35834

Staveley Get Your Shine On

Staveley Get Your Shine On TR36025

Stav 810

Staveley Breeze R35156

Staveley Get Set

Staveley Get Set TR26519

Staveley Get Ready 4 This

Staveley Get Ready For This TR36517

Boer doe R35367

Staveley Chica Bonita R35367

stav 923G side min

Staveley Glamourous Geisha TR36026

Does that are no longer on our farm

Stav 415B

Staveley Polka Dot Party Evaluated G+ 84 R31182

Du Biquet Caroube doe page

Du Biquet Caroube (PV) Evaluated Excellent X3 TR25863

Boer goat stav 430B RCR31186

Staveley Pippy Long Stockings RCR31186 (Evaluated VG89)

Boer doe TR31331

Du Biquet Prestation TR31331 (Evaluated VG87)

Boer goat Doe RCR32205

Staveley Value Me RCR32205 (Evaluated VG86)

Boer doe TR31180

Staveley Spot A Dot TR31180 (Evaluated VG89)

Du Biquet Silhouette

Du Biquet Silhouette TR29896 Evaluated Excellent

stav 807E Pixie

Staveley Pixie CR35044

Staveley Kit Kat

Staveley Kit Kat CR 31188 (Evaluated VG87)

Boer goat GR33150

Staveley Daphanie GR33150 Evaluated VG87

Staveley MoonShine TR32201

Staveley MoonShine TR32201 Evaluated VG86

Staveley Maggie

Staveley Maggie (Evaluated VG88) CR32908

Boer Goat CR31185

Staveley Magical Awesome Evaluated VG85 CR31185

Boer doe CR35369

Staveley Kat's Shadow CR35369

Boer goat doe

Staveley Double Trouble CR33395 (Evaluated VG88)

Boer Goat GR27545

Staveley Pumpkin Pie Evaluated VG87 GR27545

Boer Goat CR28233

Staveley Fancy Evaluated VG86 CR28233

Boer Goat CR28237

Staveley Playboy's Bunny Evaluated VG86 CR28237

Boer Goat CR29061

Staveley Rosie Evaluated VG85 CR29061

Boer Goat TR29349

Staveley Beautiful Evelyne Evaluated G+ 83 TR29349

Boer Goat GR30849

Staveley Peaches Evaluated VG85 GR30849

Boer Goat TR31187

Staveley Southern Bell Evaluated VG85 TR31187

Boer Goat Staveley Sassy

Staveley Sassy Evaluated G+83 GR33149

Boer Goat (CR32910)

Staveley Double Take CR32910

Boer Goat Staveley Baton Rouge

Staveley Baton Rouge

Boer Goat Staveley Racy Red

Staveley Racy Red

Boer Goat Staveley Arazona Dessert

Staveley Arazona Dessert Evaluated VG87

Stav 320A

Staveley Paint Me Evaluated VG88 RCR29348

Boer Goat Staveley Colorful Cleoptri

Staveley Colorful Cleoptria Evaluated VG85

Boer goat Cr318888

Staveley Emily Elizabeth CR318888 (Evaluated G+84)

Boer Goat Staveley Knock Your Sox Of

Staveley Knock Your Sox Off Evaluated VG85

Boer Goat Staveley Veronica

Staveley Veronica (Evaluated VG85)

Boer Goat Staveley Beautiful Nancy

Staveley Beautiful Nancy

Boer Goat Du Biquet Turanga Leela

Du Biquet Turanga Leela

Boer Goat Staveley Pin Up Girl

Staveley Pin Up Girl (Evaluated G+84 2014)

Boer Goat Du Biquet Cachou

Du Biquet Cachou (Evaluated VG87 2013)

Boer Goat Staveley Awesome Wild One

Staveley Awesome Wild One (Evaluated VG85 2014)

Boer Goat Staveley Princess Daphanie

Staveley Princess Daphanie (Evaluated VG87 2013)

Boer Goat Staveley ACR Akim Sunshine

Staveley ACR Akim Sunshine

Boer Goat Staveley Galaxy

Staveley Galaxy

Boer Goat Staveley Raspberry Red

Staveley Raspberry Red (Evaluated Double Excellent 2014 ) R.I.P 2015

Boer Goat Staveley Princess Elhannah

Staveley Princess Elhannah Alison (Evaluated VG86 2012)

Boer Goat Staveley Colour Me Red Mos

Staveley Colour Me Red Most Wanted (Evaluated VG87 2013)

Boer Goat RCR28231

Staveley Clifford The Big Red Doe Evaluated G+84 RCR28231

Boer Goat Staveley Diva Gypse

Staveley Diva Gypse (Evaluated VG88 2014)

Boer Goat Staveley Madelynne Mouse

Staveley Madelynne Mouse (Evaluated VG86 2013)

Boer Goat Staveley Foxy Lady

Staveley Foxy Lady (Evaluated VG85 2013)

Boer Goat Staveley Sweet Pea

Staveley Sweet Pea (Evaluated VG85 2014)

Boer Goat Staveley Chilli Pepper

Staveley Chilli Pepper (Evaluated VG85 2014)

Boer Goat

Staveley Akim Organized Chaos (Evaluated G+84 2013)

Boer Goat Staveley Playboy's Vixen

Staveley Playboy's Vixen (Evaluated G+83 2013)

Boer Goat Staveley Magician's Capri

Staveley Magician's Capri (Evaluated VG86 2013)

Boer Goat Staveley Lasenza Sweets

Staveley Lasenza Sweets (Evaluated VG85 2013)

Boer Goat Staveley Ardeni

Staveley Ardeni (Evaluated VG85 2014)

Boer Goat GR25263

Staveley Iles Sassy Girl Evaluated VG88 GR25263

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