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Presently at Staveley Farms

Mattabeset FFA Ticket To Ride

Mattabeset FFA Ticket To RIde Imported From USA October 2020 Born March 24 2020 Evaluated VG87 Sire: CJR Circle R Red Rocket Man (Ennobled) Dam: CBFCT Cool Breeze Raiders Rosalita

Cool Breeze Dynasty's Reign Maker

Cool Breeze Dynasty's Reign Maker TR33925 Imported from USA Born March 19 2017 Evaluated VG89 Sire: CNI CNI/Circle R Buck Dynasty (Enobled) Dam: 4JBR 4J Ranch 4J/CRB Lugers 2nd Edition (Enobled)

Cool Breeze Honor Guard

Cool Breeze Honor Guard Imported From USA October 2020 Born April 10 2020 Sire: TKMMF Stone Leady Honor Bound (Ennobled) Dam: SLS3 Gunz Powder N Lead (Ennobled)

Past bucks that have moved on to other farms
Icone Side

Du Biquet Icone Born November 2013 (Evaluated VG89) (Highest score before 3 years of age.) TR29902

Red stamp white side one

Corkery Post First Class Red Stamp Born January 2 2019 R35371

stav 785E side

Staveley Secret Weapon (Evaluated VG87) TR34234

Boer Goat Galiman Supreme

Galiman Supreme (Evaluated VG87) TR31071

Douk one

Lou Starbuck Douk (Evaluated VG 86) TR32773

Magician side

Staveley ACR Tarzan's Magician CR34743

Deal me in

Treeline Deal Me In Born March 2014 (Evaluated VG85) TR31017

Boer Goat Staveley Superman

Staveley Superman Born September 8 2015 R32525

mag one

ACR Antelope Creek Magician Born January 2010 TR25517 Imported from USA Texas Antelope Creek Magician son of ACR South African Wizard and ACR Tarzan's GD Look at me. Magician has amazing genetic on both sides of his pedigree. TARZAN T66 and ennobled HMR SUMO on his Dam's side. Ennobled T4 OZZIE on his sire's side.

Boer Goat Lazy St Red

Almost Heaven/Lazy S-T RED Born November 2010 (Evaluated VG85) R26473 Imported from USA Maryland New York RED's Texas genetics will blend well with our other exceptional bucks. He is a complete package, with his amazing ennobled genetics on both sides of his family tree such as Lab Red Ryder, PDF T513, BWY Tatonka, Eggsorcist, Der War Paint, Hill County #130M Maze, as well as Lazy S-T Gunslinger, Bon Joli Flashdance and T4 Ranch's Doocey in his lines.

Boer goat Making Spots

RHG1 Makin' Spots N' Leavin' Dots Born December 2011 R27541 Imported From USA We decided to add a bit more color and diversified genetics to our herd. Spots is a third generation loudly spotted Dapple. following both his father CRCR Makers Special Edition as well as his grandfather Logan Hill Mr. Makers Mark. His mother Alex1 W.R Tulip is a solid red doe who on her side also has color and quality genes such as Pipeline's Cartel and Four Red Feet Mr16.

Petit Prince Kia

Petit Prince Kia Born January 2014 TR29758

Boer goat Du Sillion Playboy

Du Sillion Playboy Born March 2010 CR25040

captain jack and spots web site

Captain Jack Sparrow Born February 2013 R29339 Imported From USA

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