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Updated December 12 2018
December/January/ February kidding 2018-2019
Does Bred to:
Lou Starbuck Douk TR32773 (LOU 1D)
Du Biquet Silhouette TR29896 (ERL 41B)
Staveley Seen It All TR33397 (STAV 614D)
Staveley Busy Being Fabulous TR33398 (STAV 616D)
Du Biquet Prestation TR31331 (ERL 17C)
Staveley Daphanie GR33150 (STAV 608D)
Staveley Gorgeous Greta TR32526 (STAV 515C)
Staveley Double Trouble (STAV 621D)
Staveley Symphonie TR33399 (STAV 612D)
Staveley Right On Target TR34233 ( STAV 722E)
Staveley Magic Beans CR34232 (STAV 720E)
Staveley Citadelle CR34443 (STAV 726E)
January/ February kidding 2018-2019
Does Bred to:
Cool Breeze Dynasty's Reign Maker TR33925
Staveley Bumble Bee TR32909 (STAV 527C)
Du Biquet Caroube TR25863 (ERL 34X)
Staveley Maggie CR32908 (STAV 524C)
Staveley Dream Girl GR25746 (STAV 033X)
Staveley Tomorrow's Dream CR32202 (STAV 505C)
April/May kidding 2019
Does Exposed to:
Cool Breeze Dynasty's Reign Maker
November 30th 2018
Staveley She's Got  The Look TR34736 (STAV 734E)
Staveley Easy Upgrade TR34737 (STAV 735E)
Du Biquet Staveley Parfait TR33396 (STAV 622D)
April/May/June kidding 2019
Does to be exposed to:
Cool Breeze Dynasty's Reign Maker
December 2018
Du Biquet Pastique TR29897 (ERL43B)
Staveley Polka Dot Party R31182 (STAV 415B)
April/May/June kidding 2019
Does to be exposed to:
Staveley ACR Tarzan's Magician CR34743 (STAV 780E)
December 2018
Staveley Teacher's Pet GR32203 (STAV 513C)
Staveley Pippy Long Stockings RCR32186 (STAV 430B)
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