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Our Sales Policy


Animals are reserved with a 30% deposit and are considered sold after full payment is received 


Payment plans can be arranged in advance. 


All animals must be paid for in full before they leave our farm.


We accept cash on pick up date.  Sales receipts provided.


We will help arrange transportation but it is the buyers responsibility.


Prices are subject to change (if animal is not already reserved)

as animal matures, and with out notice.



 Prices include registration and transfer fees unless otherwise stated. 

The papers will be sent directly to your mail box from the CLRC. 


 Animals are up to date on vaccinations and hoof trimming.

October 2020
JOHNES Tested negative annually all animals over a year old since 2017.

CAE Tested Negative all animals over 6 months old annually Since 2008. (Certification Level)

SCRAPIES Surveillance Program Since 2010 (Certification Export Level)

CL Vaccinated with no symptoms of the disease in our herd.

 For Sale

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Boer Buckling Stav 285H



Stav 285H

Name pending registration

(Traditional Purebred)

Born June 5 2020

Teats 2x2, Good bite , Show correct.
Triplet raised as a single (siblings born dead)
DAM: Staveley Geez Louise !

SIRE: Corkery Post First Class Red Stamp (R35371)

Birth weight: 7lbs

September 4: 60lbs

December 25: 101lbs

Boer buckling Stav 281H



Stav 281H

Name pending registration

R Purebred)

Born June 14 2020

Teats 2x2, Good bite , Show correct.
Twin raised as a twin
DAM: Staveley Right On Target (TR34233)

SIRE: Corkery Post First Class Red Stamp (R35371)

Birth weight: 8lbs

September 4: 44lbs

December 25: 88lbs



Stav 280H paint Boer buck
Boer buckling Stav 280H

Stav 280H

(name pending registration) 

Tradition Purebred

Born June 15 2020 

Twin raised as a twin

Teats 2x2, Good bite , Show correct.

Dam : Staveley Georgeous Greta (TR32526) Classified VG87

SIRE: Corkery Post First Class Red Stamp (R35371)

Birth weight: 10lbs

September 4: 43lbs

December 25: 94lbs

Boer buckling 280H rear

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